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Creepy Mausoleum For 25 to 28mm Scale Table Top Miniature Wargaming

Wisps of fog float about the deathly quiet cemetery. A lonely crescent moon plays hide and seek with the heavy clouds in the early autumn sky. You have come to this burial ground in search of a forgotten family mausoleum belonging to the Langstrom family. The Langstroms were once an important clan in the nearby town. But the family tree had withered in recent years. Reginald Langstrom, the last of the line, failed to return from the Great War, joining the uncounted dead on a foreign battlefield.


You encountered a reference to the family in your library research into the case of several missing persons in the area. You hope to find evidence relating to the disappearances in the old family crypt that you now stand before. A deaths head stares down at you from above the massive metal door.

Wait, the silence of the shadows is broken by a snapping sound. Pricking your ears, you hear a rustling of something stirring among the dried leaves drifting through the gravestones and monuments. Something large is moving about on the other side of the mausoleum.


The cold metal of the pistol in your right hand grants you a feeling of protection against any antagonist you may encounter here among the dead. Raising the flashlight in your left hand, you move to the corner of the tomb. Peering around the moss covered corner stones, you snap the light on.

Your breath catches in your throat as the beam reveals the source of the noises. A grotesque man in tattered cloth is caught fully in the light. He lowers the soiled human limb it holds in its own hand. The creature turns it head to look directly at you, the cone of light reflecting off unnatural red eyes. You raise the gun and watch as the monster steps toward you!


This mausoleum is a kit bash of a plastic model train building. The windows have been sealed to indicate the windows being blocked in during construction. Moss spreads about the weathered walls and roof. Unkempt grasses hug the bottom of the walls.


This scenery piece can be used in your 25-28mm scale horror or pulp action table top miniature war gaming. It can also be used in many role-playing games including Call of Cthulhu. Designed for use with 25-28 mm scale game miniatures. The base measures 3-5/8  by 5-7/8 inches (92 x 148 mm). The piece stands 4-3/4 inches (120 mm) in height.

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