Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Small Evil Shrine To Celebrate Halloween 2020 - A 25-28mm Scale Scenery Piece

September is nearing its end. Which means that October and Halloween are just around the corner!

To celebrate, here is a small evil shrine that can be used by dark cultists in many game situations.


Evil shrine for 25-28mm scale table top war games - front view.

Corner view of death cult shrine T1589 in 25-28mm scale.

The shrine sits atop a raised platform of stone steps. The skulls of previous sacrifices are set about the piece along with a small metal coffer containing other offerings.

Rear of the 25-28mm scale Halloween scenery piece T1589.

Rear of the 25-28mm scale Halloween scenery piece T1589.

This scenery piece stands about 1-34 inches (44 mm) tall. The base measures 2 x 2 inches (50 x 50 mm).


T1589 small evil shrine terrain piece in 25-28mm scale for role-playing and table top miniatures games.

It would look right at home in many role-playing game scenarios and table top miniature games. Perhaps in a fantasy setting it is the focus for evil mages invoking their spells. In a horror campaign, it could be the central shrine used by a dark cult in calling forth an Elder God. In a far future science fiction game, it could represent a shrine devoted to a particular death faction of star warriors.

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