Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sacrificial Stone Platform Fantasy War Game Terrain 25 - 28 mm Scale

A constant wind blows across the barren rocks of an desolate plain.  Flowing among the stony outcroppings, the air currents give rise to strange and foreboding wails, or is it the voices of lost souls roaming the bleak landscape?

This terrain piece depicts a flat platform carved from a rock outcropping.  The stone appears to have been carved by some sentient hands (not necessarily human).  Lines crisscross the platform's face.

Perhaps it marks the location of intersecting ley lines of magical power that cut across the countryside.

The spot may have been selected as a sacrificial site by those seeking to harness the arcane powers of the ley lines.

The only signs of life are small clusters of lichen growing in the crevices of the base rock.

This terrain piece measures approximately 1-1/4 inches (30 mm) tall.  The base is about 4-1/2 x 4 inches (115 x 105 mm).  It could be used as a magical site in any fantasy, horror or pulp adventure role-playing game or war game setting.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Urban Rubble Piles Terrain for Post Apocalyptic War Games

In the post apocalyptic world, the cities will be strewn with rubble. Combat operations (whether from house-to-house fighting or large scale bombardment) devastate population centers. Even non-combat catastrophic events such as a zombie plague would leave behind scattered debris resulting from mass panic, uncontrolled accidental fires and neglect of safety systems (deteriorating gas lines for example). Post apocalypse, many urban areas would look, well, simply apocalyptic.

Piles of rubble become the new scenery across the urban landscape. Spikes of building components (building blocks, support I-beams, timbers, re-bar, pipes, and so on)  rise out of the debris, frequently giving the piles a look like the skeletal carcasses of large creatures. Often fire has scoured the ruins, leaving a layer of ash clinging to the rubble.

In game terms these piles can provide protective cover for survivors moving among the ruins. Scattered onto roads, they also become obstacles to movement, particularly for vehicles.

Worse, the piles of rubble provide potential ambush sites for the survivors.

These terrain pieces are designed for 25 to 28mm scale miniature war games. They range in size from 5 to 7 inches (125 to 175 mm) in length.
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