Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stocking the Laboratory for Halloween Season - 25-28mm Scale Mad Science Scenery Pieces

The Doctor continues to requisition more laboratory equipment for his secret lair in expectation for an October 31 staff party! Here are pictures showing various combinations of the new lab gear.

Here are some close ups of the individual scenery pieces put together in the group laboratory pictures above.

The Galvonic Surge Generator:

T2303 Galvonic Surge Generator - front view.

T2303 Galvonic Surge Generator - rear view.

The Spatial Warp Containment Unit:

T2304 Spatial Warp Containment Unit - front view.
T2304 Spatial Warp Containment Unit - rear view.

The Multi-Ray Specimen Testing Table:

T2305 Multi-Ray Specimen Testing Table - front view.
T2305 Multi-Ray Specimen Testing Table - rear view.

The Overflow Synchronator Unit:

T2306 Overflow Synchronator Unit - front view.
T2306 Overflow Synchronator Unit - rear view.

Designed for use with 25 and 28 mm scale game miniatures, these scenery pieces would add some interesting spice to any horror or science fiction game scenario.

Visit my store to see my terrain and scenery pieces that are currently available.
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