Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Small Ponds and Lakes as Water Hazards for 15 to 28 mm Scale War Games

Small ponds and lakes can add a different dimension to your table top miniature war games. Primarily they can act as movement obstructions, forcing your ground troops and adventurers to avoid certain sections of the game board. But they can also be used as objective markers: perhaps the terrain feature is the only source of drinkable water in the area, or some particular item needs to be recovered from under the water's surface.

First, we have a few small ponds. The water is shaded in several colors of blue to give a sense of varying depth. The shore consists of bare dirt/sand and small rocks. On the outer edge is a ring of vegetation taking advantage of the presence of water to grow. The ponds are roughly 5 x 4 inches (130 x 110 mm) in size.

The ponds can be used in a range of scales.  Here are some pictures with both 28mm and 15mm miniature figures for a scale comparison.

Lastly, here is a larger terrain piece representing a small lake. This piece is roughly 23 x 11 inches (580 x 280mm).

This photo gives a better view of the slightly textured and gloss finish of the water itself.

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