Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mad Science Laboratory Generator 25 - 28 mm Game Scenery

Electricity arcs from the central generator globe, leaping to the twin electrode towers. The air becomes charged with the smell of ozone permeating the laboratory!

Here is a new piece of lab equipment designed by our mad doctor.

Power cables run from the control console to the main unit.

This game scenery piece stands about 3 inches (75 mm) tall. The base is 3 x 3 inches (75 mm x 75 mm). Designed for use with 25 to 28 mm scale game miniatures (the scientist figure shown in the photos is 25 mm scale). It would fit in many science fiction, pulp action adventure, horror and super hero role-playing games and war games.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rocks, Towers and Crags Oh My! Rocky Terrain Pieces For Your War Game Board

It has been a while since I posted and I apologize. Let's get back to some terrain!

Sometimes you just want some terrain to provide cover for your war game miniatures. Or to create obstacles that the troops have to move around. Here are some pieces of rocky terrain. The 28mm space marine miniatures are included for a sense of scale, but the terrain could work with 15 to 30 mm scale figures.

First we have a flat top rock tower. The tower stands about 4-1/2 inches (112 mm) tall. Its base measures 2 x 1-3/4 inches (50 x 45 mm).

Next up is a narrow rock wall. It can be used to form a straight boundary. It measures 2 inches (50 mm) in height and 7-1/2 inches (190 mm) in length.

A variation on the rock wall is this dragon spine serpentine wall. It also stands 2 inches (50 mm) tall and is approximately 7-1/2 inches (190 mm) in length.

Finally, here is a taller mountain wall that is 5-1/2 inches (140 mm) in height. This is good for creating a substantially impenetrable obstacle for most troops.

These terrain pieces are all carved from construction foam which provides for very light terrain that can be transported and stored quite easily. As with most terrain, they can be readily used in a variety of gaming genres including science fiction, fantasy, pulp action adventure, horror and many other.
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