Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Large Spherical Industrial Storage Tank 20 to 30 mm Scale

Here is a large spherical storage tank that can be found in all sorts of industrial settings in miniature war gaming including science fiction, pulp, and historical.

The central structure consists of a globe for storing liquids and gases, built on a core pylon (which also houses internal piping for moving the contents through an underground system).

To add stability to the tank, a series of perimeter support columns help anchor the tank to the ground. Each column is set into its own reinforced footing.

Because of the size of the piece, these storage tanks are normally located out of doors rather than inside factory settings.

This terrain piece is very versatile and can be used in most industrial settings, population centers, and some military installations. It makes a nice victory objective for a raid on a manufacturing plant (for example: penetrate the facility security perimeter and place demolition charges on the storage tank).

The scenery piece is designed for use with 20 to 30 mm miniature figures. It stands about 5-1/2 inches (140 mm) tall.  The base measures 6 x 6 inches (150 x 150 mm).

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