Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Medieval Stocks 25-28mm Scale Scenery for Fantasy War Games and RPGs

Crime and punishment. Break the local laws and your character may find himself facing a penalty.

For lesser infractions, the stocks offer a simple, yet effective, method of punishment, both physical and emotional. The basic stock design consists of two boards with circular cutouts that allow for the criminal's head and hands or feet to be immobilized between them.

Here is a rather standard stock that is designed to lock around the offender's head and both hands. The criminal must stand in a stooped position which can be quite painful over any prolonged period.

A second style is designed to ensnare the criminal's feet. He may then sit on the ground during his punishment time.

Of course, part of the punishment would involve displaying the criminal in a public square or other common area, allowing members of the community to verbally and even physically chastise the miscreant for his crimes.

These scenery pieces are scaled for use with 25-28mm games miniatures and can be used in many fantasy game scenarios.

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