Saturday, December 17, 2011

Makeshift Barricades for Post Apocalypse Urban Battlefields 25 to 28 mm Scale War Game Terrain

Man the barricades! The alien invaders / zombie hordes / enemy forces are approaching!

These makeshift barricades provide defensive positions in all sorts of situations. They are often thrown together using whatever material is handy: rough sheets of metal scrap, sections of pipes, storage crates, rough lumber, and all sorts of other material that may be found in the ruins of an urban landscape.

Their purpose is to provide some minimal amount of cover for forces defending territory. Often time is a critical factor and the construction is simple and quick.

Theses terrain pieces are scaled for 25 to 28 mm war gaming miniatures. The pieces measure about 4 inches (100 mm) in width.

They would fit nicely into any urban battlefield or post apocalyptic landscape.
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