Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Where are we? Look for the signposts -- Scenery for 25 to 28mm scale games

Far from home? Afraid you may have lost your way? Not sure which way to go? Stay calm and look for sign(post)s.

These directional signposts at the crossroads will give an idea of what lies down the road. Make sure your party of adventurers on the right path.

Group of three wooden roadside sign posts for 25-28mm scale miniature wargaming.

A 28mm scale knight stands amongst the signposts.

Each wooden signpost stands on a 1 inch (25 mm) diameter base. They are designed to use with 25-28mm scale miniatures.

Style T1577 signpost for miniature table top war games.
Style T1578 25-28mm scale signpost has three directional wood signs.
Style T1579 signpost has an arid desert type of base and the wood is more sunbleached.

These simple gaming scenery pieces can be found in nearly all RPG and table top gaming worlds.

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