Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double Vertical Storage Tanks Industrial Equipment War Game Scenery

Industrial equipment offers a lot of gaming opportunities. This type of terrain can be used in city manufacturing areas, large rural industrial complexes, even military bases.

This scenery piece consists of a double set of vertical storage tanks.

Underground supply pipes rise along the storage tanks, filling the tanks from the top down.

An outlet valve is located at the bottom of each storage tank.

A vertical ladder provides easy access to the tops of the tanks.

This terrain piece stands 4-1/4 inches (110 mm) tall. The base measures 3 x 6 inches (75 x 150 mm). It can be used with most 20 to 30 mm scale game miniatures. It would be at home in any science fiction table top war game such as Warhammer 40K™ or Warmachine™.
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