Monday, November 1, 2010

Arcane Magical Summoning Stones War Game Terrain Scenery

Mysterious arcane symbols are carved into the face of these ancient, weathered stone monoliths. The stones can appear anywhere: from remote uncharted island coasts to dark dense jungles to arid desert wastelands to alien planet vistas.

But to what purpose? Perhaps they simply territorial boundary markers. Or maybe their purpose is much more sinister. Do they act as a magical nexus point for summoning dark creatures from beyond our universe? Possibly sacrificial stones for the worshipers of ancient eldar gods?

Terrain stones like these can be used in all manor of role-playing and table top miniature war games. They can find a place in games as divergent as Dungeons & Dragons™, Call of Cthulhu™, Warhammer 40K™, just to name a few.

These small scenery pieces can be used as objective markers for victory points or simply to enhance your game board terrain. Scaled for 20 to 30 mm miniature figures.
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