Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Large Processing Plant With Toxic Storage Vat 25 - 28 mm Terrain

Here is a bit larger terrain piece.  This industrial facility consists of a main building plus a large circular open retention vat.

Multiple pipes connect to the main building.  Raw materials are pumped from underground storage tanks into the main building.  Once processed, the finished product is pumped into another underground holding tank through a different pipe.

The manufacturing process creates a large amount of toxic waste.  This by-product is pumped out of the building and in to the large retention tank, spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

A walkway extends from the main building to the access ladder on the opposite side.  Why, you may ask would the plant designers incorporate such an obviously dangerous walkway?  Well, it's obvious:  to provide a great gaming area for your troops to cross while at risk of falling into the toxic stew below!

This piece of scenery can be placed in any industrial setting.  It would be acceptable in most science  fiction settings as well as pulp action and super hero games.  It makes a great central victory objective for attacking forces.  Multiple gaming levels are included.

Designed in 25 - 28 mm scale for both table top miniatures war gaming and role-playing games.  The base of this terrain piece measures about 12 X 12 inches (305 x 305 mm) square.  It is about 4-1/2 inches (115 mm) high.
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