Friday, May 15, 2009

Remote Gun Turrets

These gun turrets are unmanned weapons hardpoints. They are normally controlled from a remote fire control center, but can also contain their own AI fire control technology. warhammer 40k terrain weapon gun turret 25-28 mmwarhammer 40k terrain weapon gun turret 25-28 mmThe three pictured hwarhammer 40k terrain weapon gun turret 25-28 mmere sport a variety of weapons systems.

Great for use as perimeter defense weapons around military installations, research stations and major population centers. The turrets are designed so that the upper gun mounts actually rotate in a full 360° circle.

The turrets measure approximately 3" in height with a base of 3" x 3". They are somewhat scale-independent and easily could be used in a variety of scales ranging from 15mm to 30mm.
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